Property developers

Our property development clients are involved in land subdivisions, residential, student, commercial and mixed-use development projects from 2 lot developments to hundreds of apartments, including staged developments.

Boon Legal can prepare contracts of sale, advise on building contracts, negotiate with banks and financiers, real estate agents, buyers and their representatives. We guide our property developer clients through the subdivision and registration process, settlement and post-settlement issues.

Our property development clients are offered a fixed fee agreement for each stage of the development.

Managing your property development project

Annie and Linda are property developers as well as lawyers and consultants. They have experience in and understand every aspect of property development, from concept to completion. Annie and Linda have project managed developments for clients, from land and house package developments to multi-level mixed-use projects across Melbourne, including the St Kilda Post Office development.

Linda and Annie advise on development sites, prepare feasibility studies, obtain planning approval and project manage developments to completion.

Property disputes

Property disputes are common and cover many different situations. We advise and act on a very broad range of property matters and disputes.

Disputes over property often arise because a party defaults on a contract. These are often complex legal questions, in particular, who was at fault and when the contract came to an end. We have issued and defended clients in the Supreme Court over the question of misrepresentation in contracts of sale, defective contracts of sale, faulty default notices and the question of loss and damage when a contract for the sale or purchase of a property ends.

We have guided our clients through the legal maze of changing the manner of holding of properties, forcing the sale where a co-owner refuses to sell co-owned property and negotiating and finalising difficult property transactions between family members and friends.

Modifying one dwelling covenants

Teresa has developed particular expertise in the area of covenants. There are many old covenants that do not restrict or affect what an owner can do with their property. However, others seriously limit the use and development of land. One of the most restrictive covenants on land is the single dwelling covenant. This restricts the owner to only have one dwelling on the land, regardless of the size of the land.

The process of modifying a one dwelling covenant is complex, time-consuming and highly technical. There are different procedures. We advise our clients on the pros and cons of each procedure and what is the best in their situation.

Teresa has made successful applications to the Supreme Court of Victoria for modification of one dwelling covenants, allowing our clients to develop their properties and build multiple dwellings. The modifying of a single dwelling covenant results in a significant increase in the value of the property and what the owner can do with it.

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