Family Law

Family Law


Our family law clients are married couples, de facto and same-sex couples.

The end of a marriage or a relationship between domestic partners is a difficult and highly emotional time. It is hard to deal with the emotional issues and the legal and financial realities of property settlement, child matters and divorce. We make sure our family law clients make informed decisions by providing practical and realistic advice.

Our lawyers will advise and guide you through property settlements, child matters and divorce. We are realistic but tough negotiators in family law matters and understand that our clients are going through a very difficult and vulnerable time.

Our expert lawyers combine our expertise in family law, litigation and property law to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We understand the importance of a property settlement in the post-separation period. As property lawyers, we are experienced in identifying real and personal assets and the importance of searches and a thorough investigation and identification of the asset pool.

We advise our client about the importance of a divorce as many people believe that a property settlement finalises all matters. Our clients are well informed about the rights that a married person has to their estate if a divorce is not finalised and the importance of making new wills and powers of attorney. Years of separation and a property settlement does not end the marriage legally, only a divorce does.

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