Notary Public Services

Notary Public Services


In Australia, a Notary Public is a practising lawyer who holds a unique public office of trust and has the internationally recognised power and authority to prepare certificates, deeds and other instruments which are authenticated by their signature and official seal. Linda is a Notary Public.

Legal documents that are required for countries outside Australia must be certified by a member of the diplomatic corps of that country or a Notary Public and in some cases both. Linda provides a full range of notarial services for individuals, corporate and commercial clients for all countries, including:

  • notarising the execution of powers of attorney, declarations and other documents for individuals and corporations;
  • notarising company documents such as deeds, resolutions, minutes, reports and corporate governance certificates and other documents required by corporations;
  • taking declarations and receiving affidavits.

Linda prepares documents in Croatian, including powers of attorney, declarations, documents for inheritance proceedings and a range of documents required by various government and statutory authorities. She also cooperates with lawyers and Notaries Public in Croatia for the preparation of complex documents.

Linda regularly advises clients about property and probate matters in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.  She also provides advice and services to other solicitors and law firms across Australia dealing with property and probate matters that involve people living in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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