Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Boon Legal advise and act in commercial litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution and enforcement of judgements by providing our clients with cost-effective pragmatic advice and representation.

Our advice to clients is to negotiate and mediate and only litigate if there are no other options. We understand the financial and non-financial impact of litigation, however, there are situations where going to court cannot be avoided, whether to issue proceedings against someone or defend a claim.

We have extensive experience in all types of litigation, ranging from Magistrates’ Court matters to Supreme Court disputes. We assist in all stages, including pre-litigation advice, negotiations, mediations and court and tribunal appearances.

We act for clients who are issuing proceedings as well as clients who are defendants. Litigation has many risks and we discuss this honestly and openly with our clients. The risks include the costs compared to the outcome of not being able to recover money from a losing litigant.

Over the years we have negotiated, mediated and litigated across many industries, areas of law and jurisdictions on behalf of our clients. We are tough, fair and realistic negotiators and advocates. Our focus is the best and most cost-effective outcome for our clients. We are upfront and honest about the cost and outcomes of any litigation.

Debt collection

Debt collection is an area of law full of pitfalls. We have the expertise, experience and skills to guide our clients through the maze of debt collection.

A court order is only a piece of paper and only as good as the person or company that the order is made against. If the person or company does not have assets to attach an order a successful litigant will not recover any or all of the money. Even where there are assets careful due diligence has to be made about the equity in that asset. Where a successful litigant attaches the order to property and forces a sale they may still not get anything because there is simply not enough equity in the property or prior encumbrances are paid first and there is nothing left.

We are always upfront and direct with our clients when advising them on pursuing debt, the pitfalls and hurdles and what they have to take into consideration before issuing proceedings to recover a debt.

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