Commercial and Business Law

Commercial and Business Law


Boon Legal is a small business and we understand the challenges and the importance of a quick resolution when things go wrong.

When things go wrong we represent our small business clients in all the jurisdictions, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, County Court of Victoria and Supreme Court of Victoria.

Small businesses are family businesses, income earners, employers, innovators, investors, importers and exporters. Our business law clients are sole traders, partnerships, joint venturers, franchisors, franchisees, small and medium companies. Our business clients conduct business across many industries and sectors, in Victoria, Australia and overseas.

We provide legal advice on a wide range of business and commercial matters including contracts, directors’ duties, compliance with legislation and regulations, intellectual property, franchising agreements and trade practices. We advise and negotiate on behalf of our business clients and prepare the necessary documents.

We negotiate and prepare legal documents to give effect to arrangements between parties, including joint venture agreements, share sale agreements, management agreements, partnership agreements, loan agreements and supporting documents and various licences and trusts deeds.

We regularly act for and advise clients to protect their intellectual property. We have successfully applied for trademarks for our business clients.

Regardless of the size of the business each of our clients is equally important to us and we take the time to know each one of them.

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